How we support our customers with extra needs

Paymentshield is committed to supporting all our customers and recognise that some may need more help than others when it comes to finding out more about our insurance or managing their policy.

The entire Paymentshield team receive training to understand when and how we might need to offer additional support and our customer care team are trained to help identify those that might need extra help and adapt their approach to support the customer as much as possible.

Please make us aware of any vulnerability your client may have, below are some the services we can provide and support with, along with the best ways to get in touch. 

written follow up

Written follow-up

We know that for some people taking in everything discussed on a phone call, especially one about insurance can be difficult. We’re therefore happy to email or post a written account of any call made so that it can be read and checked at a later date.

Documents in braille or large print

We’re able to arrange for visually impaired customers to receive their insurance documents and general correspondence via braille or large print. Please contact us to find out more.
text to talk

Text to talk calls

We can accept and make calls via Relay UK or other Text to Talk services used by customers who may have difficulties with hearing or speech. Use the contact form to get in touch and request this service. 
speaking to a family member

Speaking to a family member or friend

If it’s easier for us to speak to a family member or friend about your client's insurance, we’ll just need their written permission to speak to someone on their behalf and then we’ll keep a note of that on our system for any future calls, your client will need to send us an email with their name, DOB and relationship of the person they're happy for us to speak to.
financial difficulty

Help for those in financial difficulty

If you're client is struggling with finances and needs more specialist support,  we’re able to share contact details of support services that are available to them such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or the financial conduct authority (FCA) who offer a wide range of support groups and charities that can support your client through times of short and long-term financial challenges.
mental health

Mental health support

Where we identify a customer might need more specialist support than we're able to provide support for their mental well being, we can help to provide a referral to the mental health charity Mind.