GI Academy CPD accredited

We’re excited to announce that ALL our core training modules available from are now officially CPD accredited. All 5 modules which includes 13 individual chapters will provide around 6.5 hours of learning towards your annual 15-hour CPD requirement.

The modules are also the first independently verified CPD accredited content on general insurance that is freely available online to all UK financial advisers regardless of their preferred provider.


The current modules enable you to expand your knowledge of GI products including a detailed look into Home Insurance and Landlord’s Insurance. You can also get to grips with our other products such as Tenant’s Contents Insurance and explore the extra value it could be providing your rental clients.

The latest module covers Paymentshield’s unique Adviser Hub and all its benefits including the quoting process, how to get the most out of My GI Book and how to get a better idea of what you could be earning using the potential earnings calculator.

You can also explore the recent GI pricing practices and what it means for you using the dedicated module, with more regulatory changes modules coming soon


Test yourself

After you’ve browsed the modules, you can test your knowledge in the Test section. There are tests for each product including the additional tests relating to Paymentshield’s optional extras. Discover more at GI Academy.

Article last updated: 17/04/2023

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