The launch of Paymentshield’s new referral service will enable advisers to refer customers to our own team of in-house experts where they don’t have time to offer advice themselves, whilst still enabling full oversight of the sale.


This latest technology enhancement acknowledges that the combination of the Consumer Duty and current market conditions has resulted in a high level of pressure on advisers' time. It ensures that quality GI advice is still accessible to all clients, with advisers now able to offer customers a call-back from Paymentshield, who will call during a specific time slot requested by the client.


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What makes this different from other referral services, is that Paymentshield’s will integrate all referrals into Adviser Hub, giving you full transparency on every lead and customer interaction. This means that whether you offer the advice yourself, refer it to Paymentshield or do a mix of both, you’ll be able to track all your GI business in one place.

This unique interface also enables advisers to see all actions that have been recorded against each lead, including current status, contact history, next steps, and at-a-glance data graphics showing overall referral conversion rates.

Initial trials with firms from The Openwork Partnership and Home Loan Partnership had an average quote to sale conversation rate of 65%, where Paymentshield called the customer and discussed their needs.


Tech designed to support you

The launch is the latest development in our ongoing technology advances to ensure that every customer has the opportunity to receive expert advice about their home insurance needs.

Our annual Adviser Survey consistently shows that the overwhelming majority of advisers (typically around 95%) believe that having a GI conversation with clients is best practice, but around three in five say they sometimes miss opportunities.

The referral launch also enables Paymentshield to offer a fully regulated solution to firms in the mortgage distribution market that are not regulated by the FCA to sell GI products.


Emma Green, Distribution Director at Paymentshield, says:

“We believe that the best way to buy insurance is by getting advice, but given the challenges in the current market, with advisers having to work harder than ever, we recognise that they might miss opportunities to offer GI advice. So, we’ve developed an innovative solution to support them. In essence, when it comes to GI, we want to ensure that advisers can sell it or refer it, but don’t ignore it!

“We’ve worked hard to develop the tech that underpins this new offering, making the process completely transparent for advisers so they can instantly see how the lead has progressed. Our new digital dashboard presents all the data in a really clear format, and we’ve had really positive feedback from partners who have already used it.

“We’re looking to further expand our referral options in the coming months, so watch this space!”


This service is currently being rolled out to appointed representatives of most of our network partners and we're happy for you to contact us so we can answer any questions you might have in order to get you started.

However, if you're an appointed representative and can't yet see the option to refer in Adviser Hub or are a directly authorised firm looking to start referring to Paymentshield, please use our contact form to request further information.


Article last updated: 11/08/2023

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