New automatic requoting technology

The latest technology enhancement to our Adviser Hub platform is now live – a new requoting function which will save advisers time in tedious data inputting.

The new functionality enables advisers to automatically re-populate information if a pending policy expires, removing the need to manually re-enter all the customer data required to generate a new quote.

Unique to the GI market, the Adviser Hub enables advisers to submit a policy as pending even when there are still some of the customer’s details outstanding – such as a policy start date – and add those details directly into the Adviser Hub once the customer has confirmed.

The new technology update will facilitate quicker requoting of these pending policies if the policy has not been confirmed within the quote validity period of up to 120 days, by automatically populating a new quote with the client’s previously provided information. Normally, the adviser would have to re-enter the customer’s details upon expiration of the quote validity period.

The enhancement has been delivered by Paymentshield’s digital team, which has doubled in size this year as Paymentshield seeks to bolster the technology side of the business.


Paymentshield’s Proposition Director Louise Pengelly comments:

“Requoting is one of those tasks that can create a lot of unnecessary work for advisers and when it comes to pending policies, we know it’s a common frustration. Moving dates, for example, often slip, which can take an existing quote for a pending policy beyond the validity period. We know that requoting a policy can take up to 15 minutes. That’s time of specialist labour spent simply re-entering details onto a platform when that time could have been put to better use elsewhere.

“When we first launched the Adviser Hub in 2018, we did it with the intention of setting new standards in the way intermediaries work with GI advisers – we’re now proud to say that we are offering an improvement that delivers on those exact intentions."

Article last updated: 17/04/2023

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