Highlight your partnership with Paymentshield

Our customer leaflets and posters are available for you to co-brand with your business logo placed alongside Paymentshield's as well as your contact details added to the end of the leaflets. In addition, we've also made a selection of guides available for you to brand with just your business' logo and contact details. These documents can then be downloaded and shared with your clients to help you engage with them about their home insurance needs and drive more sales. 

Brand your leaflets

Add your businesses' logo alongside Paymentshield's and your contact details to a selection of our customer leaflets.

Optional Extras leaflet

Contents Insurance leaflet

Referral leaflet

Tenant's Contents Optional Extras leaflet

Tenant's Contents Insurance leaflet

Landlord's Optional Extras leaflet

Landlord's Insurance leaflet

Home Insurance leaflet

Brand your posters

Add your businesses' logo alongside Paymentshield's on a selection of our customer posters. Please note that business details don't appear on poster downloads.

Making you feel at home with...

Clever home insurance...

Not just bricks and mortar...

Make your life easier

Brand your guides

Produce guides branded with just your businesses' logo and contact details in a few clicks! Create professional materials to share with your clients and help generate more conversations about general insurance.

A guide to fighting freezing temperatures

A guide to keeping afloat in a flood

A guide to beating the storm

The ultimate guide to moving house

Buyer's guide to Landlord's Insurance

Buyer's guide to Home Insurance