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API services

Developing new technologies is within our DNA, it's a business objective and something We constantly strive to push forwards. Our aim is simple: to enable business to easily embed the purchase of insurance into their existing online customer journey using our suite of REST APIs.

There are several integration options available as our API services have considerable flexibility, enabling us to work with any number of data points you’d like to pass across. This means we’re able to support you in creating an embedded insurance journey that works for you and your customers. 

Ongoing support

Our APIs are composed of a number of services, separated by function and hosted in isolation; however, all can be accessed through one easy URL scheme. Supporting technical documentation is available online with on-boarding, technical and day-to-day support provided by our in-house specialist Digital and IT teams.

Visibility you can track

Any quotes and applications started via our API service are also visible in our core technology platform meaning quotes started within a third party system or website can be retrieved and completed within Adviser Hub if you wish. 

Using our API services provides an efficient way of using your existing data to pre-populate fields in Adviser Hub, creating an enormous time-saving opportunity, especially for direct telephony sales.

Adviser Hub

Adviser Hub is a unique end to end sales platform which enables the user to quote and apply for our range of insurance products.

Quick and easy application service

The user is in full control of the quote and application process which can be used to provide a quote to a customer in a face-to-face or over the phone setting on either an advised or non-advised basis.

The quote and application journey it supports, has been intelligently designed to maximise the number of properties we can offer a quote to and provide an accurate price for the customer in under two minutes.

Information at your fingertips

In addition to offering a slick quote and application process, Adviser Hub provides an unprecedented level of transparency to support proactive customer management. This includes a personalised dashboard which displays information on quotes, submissions, conversion rate, renewals, cancellations and retention. Filters can be used to create different views by firm, branch, adviser, products, and different time periods over the last 12 months. Our Defaqto compare tool and webchat capabilities further support the sales journey by ensuring you have access to the information you need to support your advice.

Full transparency

The dashboard information within Adviser Hub is further supported by the ‘My GI Book’ section which provides a visual overview of the products that make up the user's book of Paymentshield business. We provide a range of information from the policy lifecycle breakdown for each product and the penetration of optional extras through to the average premiums their clients pay.


Adviser Hub also offers additional time saving functionality and resources such as the ability to easily add outstanding information to pending policies in order to put them on risk and being able to easily refresh expired policies. 

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