How to make a claim?

All claims are handled by our experienced insurance partners. You can find your insurer's name and contact details on your Insurer Schedule document or in your online customer account. Please make sure you contact the correct claims team to avoid any delays in starting your claim.

Although Paymentshield aren't directly involved with the claims process, our search tool below can help put you in touch with the right insurer if you're struggling to find their contact details


What information do I need? 

Before you contact your insurer, please ensure everybody is safe from harm, you have taken necessary steps where possible to prevent further damage and if you have been a victim of a theft you have contacted the police and asked for an incident number. 

It would also be handy to have the following ready: 

  • Personal details to confirm your identity 
  • Policy number 
  • Details of the event and the losses
  • Information ready about what's happened, when, and what action, if any, you've taken so far


Search for your insurer's contact details

If you need to make a claim but aren't sure who to contact we're here to help. Simply enter your details or your policy number and we'll confirm the name of your insurer and the contact information you need to get your claim started. 

Please make sure you enter the postcode for the insured property (if different from your home address) and leave a space between the two parts of the postcode to help us find the right contact information for you.

Date of birth*

Need to claim? Call our 24 hour claims helpline on 0345 601 1060.

Looking for policy documents? Search for your documents here


Home emergency support 

A separate 24-hour home emergency helpline is a service included with all Paymentshield policies. The helpline offers support with finding approved tradespeople who can help following a range of domestic disasters such as being completely locked out of your home or complete failure of your heating or electrics.

The helpline team can arrange for a skilled and reliable tradesperson to come out to you to put things right and if you already have our optional home emergency cover added to your policy then there's nothing to pay. We'll cover parts and labour up to £1000. 

However, even if you don't already have home emergency cover, we can still help. The helpline team can arrange for an approved tradesperson to get in touch and you would just need to pay the tradesman’s bill yourself. However, if the loss or damage is then found to be covered under your Buildings or Contents Insurance you may be able to claim what you paid the tradesperson minus your chosen excess.

Our home emergency cover is supplied by either:

Arc Legal Assistance Ltd 0333 234 3479


Property Guard 01603 254 918

If you're not sure who provides your home emergency cover, check your insurer schedule or enter your details into the tool above to find out.