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A new optimised quote journey

To help make it even easier for you to offer a fully protected mortgage for every client, we’ve reduced the number of questions you need to ask your clients.

Our new Home Insurance quote journey makes no assumptions in order to reduce the number of questions, instead, we utilised property data from Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions. This means we can pre-fill the questions about the property and still provide an accurate quote for your clients, you can confirm with your client that this information is correct. 

We’ve also removed any questions that have little impact on price and quotability, along with questions that might be hard for your clients to answer. Try the new quote journey out for yourself by logging into Adviser Hub.


Worth knowing...

Some of the questions we’ve removed from our new quote journey will still be temporarily shown on our Quote Summary documents. For these questions, as they are no longer needed to offer your client insurance, the answer will be shown as "not required". Therefore, there’s nothing for you or your client to worry about if you see "not required" stated in their Quote Summary it’s just that this information is no longer needed by Paymentshield.

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Why do some of the answers show as not required on the Quote Summary

These answers show as “not required” as we no longer need this information to offer your client an insurance quote and are therefore not being asked as part of our new quote journey.

Can I call broker support or can the customer call you to amend this?

No, unfortunately, we can’t make any changes to the answers on the quote summary but having the summary showing “not required” is nothing to worry about.

If you don’t need this information, it doesn’t affect the price and it won’t show anywhere, why are these questions still showing on the Quote Summary?

This is just a temporary situation while we work on other technical changes behind the scenes.

What about my pipeline quotes?

Unedited pipeline quotes can be submitted as normal.

If you need to make any changes to a pipeline quote you can edit it in as normal but where certain questions will no longer affect the price offered to your client the answer will show as “not required” in the quote summary.

What about my existing customers when their policy renews?

At renewal, we will no longer require this information so your clients’ renewal documents will also temporarily show the answer to these questions as “not required”.