Say boo. Don't shy away from optional extras


Help your clients protect themselves against a wide range of unfortunate events from chilling experiences that could leave them feeling cold to things that go bump in the night. 

By discussing optional extras with your clients you can help tailor a policy to suit their needs. Below is a selection of resources to help you with those conversations including a new infographic to help you with optional extra talking points, our customer video series and brush up on your Paymentshield optional extra knowledge with GI Academy. 

Optional extra infographic

Spook-tacular infographic: Optional extras 

Optional extras are a great way to build a personalised policy for your clients that really suits their needs. They cover a whole host of events that might otherwise leave them spooked.

The following infographic provides some key areas of discussion for each optional extra to inform your clients about how each one could offer extra piece of mind.


Video: What's personal possessions cover? 

Familiarise your clients with what can be covered away from the home with the optional extra personal possessions. 

Adding personal possessions to their home insurance policy means they can be protected against unexpected losses like a stolen mobile phone or lost engagement ring.




Video: What's home emergency cover?

If your client gets left cold due to a boiler breakdown or in the dark because all their electrics stop working, or some unwanted pests take up residence in their home.

Home Emergency provides the help your clients would need to make their homes safe and liveable again.







Video: Home emergency case study: Boiler breakdown

Home emergency provides emergency breakdown cover if your client's boiler completely breaks down leaving them with no heating or hot water.

Kylie & Matt Arnold were grateful they’d added the optional extra home emergency to their home insurance policy when their boiler did just that.



Video: What's legal expenses cover?

There's a wide range of legal scenarios that might leave your clients spooked such as unfair dismissal from work, personal injury or unlawful evictions. 

Legal expenses can provide much-needed support for these unforeseen legal situations plus much more.



COMING SOON! Video: What's accidental damage cover?

As part of our customer video series, we have a final video to unearth on accidental damage, which will be coming soon. So watch this space.

In the meantime, if you'd like some more information on accidental damage you can visit our dedicated page. 


Accidental damage video coming soon
Optional extras GI Academy chapter

GI Academy optional extras chapter

Don't ghost your product knowledge, brush up on your Paymentshield optional extra expertise with our recently updated chapter in the Home Insurance module.


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New Strategic Partnerships Manager for Paymentshield

We welcome Craig Kerrigan to the Paymentshield family as our new Strategic Partnerships Manager.

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Homeowners take risks this winter as home emergency cover declines (2)

Homeowners take risks this winter as home emergency cover declines

This winter, we’re encouraging advisers to speak to their clients about home emergency cover, as our latest data suggests homeowners are increasingly opting for less thorough cover in a bid to save money.

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New quote journey grows GI conversion

After six months of Paymentshield's optimised quote journey launch, Adviser Hub has seen a 105 average increase in quote-to-sale conversion and a significantly improved adviser experience.

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New regional sales manager for East Anglia

We welcome Alice Waites to the Paymentshield family as the new regional sales manager.

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Further enhancements to our referral service

Paymentshield has launched a new digital journey that enables clients to purchase home insurance themselves.

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Launch of our new referral option

Paymentshield roll our their new referral option to the market

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