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We believe Landlord's Insurance should be designed around the specialist needs of landlords. We're passionate about offering market-leading cover and a range of optional extras for those with rental properties to tailor their insurance to meet their needs.

5 Star Defaqto rated

Paymentshield Landlord's Insurance is 5 Star Defaqto rated, which means it provides a high level of features and benefits compared to other, similar insurance products.

We cherry-pick our insurers

We work with a carefully selected group of insurers to be able to offer landlords cover for a wide range of rental properties and to ensure you’re properly looked after should you need to claim. 

Award winning

Paymentshield has been awarded the Best Landlord Insurance Provider at the 2022 Property Reporter Awards so you can rest assured we have you covered.

We've got you covered

Our customer care team are on hand to help with any questions about our Landlord's Insurance or changes you’d like to make to your policy. Contact us by webchat, phone or email. 

Protecting your

Paymentshield Landlord's Insurance gives you a comprehensive range of features and benefits. 

You can choose to insure just the buildings or add cover for any belongings inside the property that you'd like to protect. We also offer a range of optional extras allowing you to tailor your insurance to meet your needs.

For a summary of the benefits and exclusions please read our Product Information Document.

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Our Buildings Insurance includes:

  • Up to £1 million of cover for damage to any outbuildings belonging to you within 100 metres of your property
  • Up to £2 million property owners liability cover
  • If your locks are accidentally damaged or your keys are lost or stolen

Our Contents Insurance includes...

  • A selection of cover limits to choose from
  • Cover for malicious damage caused by a tenant as standard
  • Up to £500 of cover for contents in the garden or open grounds of the insured property

What may not be covered

As with all landlord's insurance policies there are circumstances when cover can't be offered or a claim paid. For example, any loss or damage caused by storm or flood to fences, hedges and gates and any loss or damage caused by pets. These are only examples. For full details of what's covered and what's not covered please read our Landlord's Insurance Policy Booklet.

accidental damage

Accidental damage for buildings & contents

Buildings and contents cover is available to buy together or separately if needed. Protect your building and your contents from unexpected mishaps.   
home emergency

Landlord's emergency support

Landlord's emergency cover provides a 24-hour service with access to approved tradesmen to resolve a range of emergencies. For example, it can help if the tenants found themselves completely locked out of the property, or after a complete failure of the heating or electrics in the property.
legal expenses

Legal expenses for landlords

Our legal expenses cover has been designed to protect landlords during legal disputes arising from renting out the property, such as property disputes, tenant eviction, and tax protection.
RP optional extra

Rent protection

Rent protection is there to make sure you don't experience a loss of income if your tenant stops paying the rent.

Our Landlord's Insurance can cover properties for private individuals and also if you are looking to insure a property through your business. To be eligible to take out our Landlord's Insurance policy we ask that the property to be insured:

  • Is a residential property in the UK (excluding the Isle of Man and Channel Islands) 
  • Is let under a tenancy agreement directly between yourself and the tenants, or the letting agent and the tenants 
  • Is occupied by no more than 6 individual tenants, and isn’t a bed-sit or divided into individual self-contained units each with their own cooking facilities 
  • Isn’t showing signs of, or has ever had any damage caused to it by landslip, subsidence or heave 
  • Hasn’t been flooded in the last 10 years

For individuals, we also require that you or any member of your family living with you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Have not had insurance cancelled, declined or declared void 
  • Declare any previous insurance claims from the last 5 years 
  • Have not been convicted of any criminal offence other than motoring convictions or any offences which are spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

If you are looking to insure the property through your business, we ask that any principal, director or partner of the business, or any of their family living with you/them:

  • Have not had insurance cancelled, declined or declared void 
  • Have not been convicted of any criminal offence other than motoring convictions or any offences which are spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

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