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To ensure our Home Emergency provider, Coplus, are able to continue to provide help for the most urgent home emergencies in these challenging times, the deployment of tradespeople will be limited to situations that present a risk to health and safety, or to maintain essential living facilities.

Each claim will be assessed on a case by case basis, with particular regard to vulnerability, however, the following list is indicative of where emergency support will still be deployed:

• Any issue where there is a risk of injury or serious property damage

• Complete loss of power or lighting in the home, or loss of power to kitchen appliances

• No usable bathing facilities available to the customer (usually one bath or shower unless there are special circumstances)

• No usable toilet facilities available to the customer (usually one facility unless there are special circumstances)

• No water supply to the property

• Blocked drains (this work can usually be completed externally)

• Unsecure property

This approach will apply until the current government restrictions are updated. For any claims which would normally be classed as emergency but they are unable to provide support for at this time, a claim will be created and a tradesperson will still be deployed at a later date. Customers will be asked to call back after the loosening of restrictions to progress the repair.

For customers without heating, we'll offer reimbursement of the cost of temporary heaters (up to £40).



During these difficult times, we’re continuing to offer you the best possible support we can, while balancing this with our responsibility to the health and well-being of our people and our local community.

This means, from Thursday 26 March, our office opening hours will be changing to 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. We’ll also be closed on Bank Holidays.

Should you need to claim, please continue to call 0345 601 1060 where you’ll be transferred to your insurer.

We appreciate your understanding.



We understand the current situation is ever changing and could lead you to having questions about your policy.

To help, we’ve outlined the most popular questions we’ve been asked over the last few days and we’ll aim to add to these as we get new questions coming into us.

We’d recommend continuing to check this page to keep up to date regarding your policy

Home Insurance Popular Questions

  • My employer has asked me to work from home for the foreseeable future. what is covered now I’m working from home and do I need to tell you?

    As much as we love hearing from our policyholders, you don’t need to let us know you’re working from home. Administrative and clerical duties are covered by your policy as is any business equipment you are legally responsible for up to your contents insurance limit.

  • I have your home emergency cover. What are your plans to cover me if I need an emergency tradesman given the number of people currently self-isolating? Will you refund the cost of my home emergency cover if I source my own tradesman?

    You should always call the Home Emergency helpline (0345 601 1060) in the first instance. Our Home Emergency partner, Coplus, hasn’t experienced any challenges with supporting our policyholders in claiming. We remain in consistent contact with them during this uncertain time and will continue to assess and plan accordingly. In the event of a Home Emergency claim, work should only be carried out by an approved tradesperson whom is qualified and instructed by the helpline to undertake emergency work.

    If you’re a Paymentshield policyholder without Home Emergency cover, you can still use the helpline (0345 601 1060) to help find a tradesperson. However, whist we can help put you in touch with a tradesperson you would need to cover the cost of the call out, parts and labour.

  • I have legal expenses cover and I’ve been made redundant. I was told my redundancy was due to the current coronavirus pandemic but I believe it was used as an excuse to make me redundant. Can I make a claim?

    Providing your situation meets the terms set out in your policy booklet and the appointed solicitor believes there’s a reasonable prospect (greater than a 51% chance of winning), you should be able to recover losses or damages. We recommend using the Legal Expenses Helpline (0345 601 1060) to discuss any potential claim.

Income Protection and Mortgage Payment Protection Popular Questions

  • I have IncomeShield short term income protection or MortgageProtector Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance. Is redundancy due to the current coronavirus pandemic covered?

    We understand your concern during this uncertain time and really hope this doesn’t happen to you. Any claims for unemployment will be paid for existing customers in line with the terms and conditions of the policy. We recommend reviewing your policy booklet to understand what your policy covers you for and how to make a claim for unemployment should you need to. Temporary or voluntary redundancy or a reduction in working hours by your current employer is not covered.

  • Should I buy a MortgageProtector (Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance) or IncomeShield (Short Term Income Protection) policy now to protect myself in case my employer makes me redundant?

    We're currently not accepting new IncomeShield policies to be purchased. MortgageProtector policies can still be purchased but only to cover accident and sickness.

    If you're an existing customer, we'd like to assure you that you're not affected by the changes in availability of these products and can continue to claim in line with the terms and conditions of your current policy. Details of how to make an accident, sickness or unemployment claim, along with the information you'll need to make a successful claim are provided in your policy booklet and confirmation of your chosen qualification period can be found on your Certificate of Cover.

  • I have Income/Mortgage Protection. Are you excluding any illness related to the current coronavirus pandemic for existing customers

    Sickness illness caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) is not excluded under our policies so if you were affected by the virus in such a way that meant you were too unwell to work for a prolonged period of time (30 days or more) you would be able to claim following your chosen qualification period . Details of how to make an accident and sickness claim are provided in your policy booklet and confirmation of your chosen qualification period can be found on your Certificate of Cover.

    Latest government advice suggests most people will only experience mild symptoms and policyholders should be aware that the current recommendation of 14 days self-isolation is not covered, as 14 days is not a long enough period of being unable to claim under sickness cover.



In these uncertain times, we just wanted to let you know what we’re doing here at Paymentshield to support you, our policyholders.

As the situation around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we’re reviewing the situation regularly, following official advice and doing everything we can to continue to provide you with high levels of support.

We’re putting people first

The wellbeing of our people and the partners we work with is our highest priority. In response to the coronavirus, we’ve stopped unnecessary travel and are now supporting more home working.

Many of our team members are communicating as normal via email, online video and voice calls and for those continuing to support our customers from our headquarters, all sensible precautions are being taken to maintain their wellbeing.

Plans to maintain customer service are in place

We’ve got established plans which are regularly reviewed and refined to ensure we can continue to support you during difficult situations such as this.

Your calls to our call centre will still be answered by our team members and although we’re understandably receiving a higher than usual volume of calls we’re doing all we can to maintain our usual service levels.

We’re also in daily contact with our insurance partners who also have plans to maintain their customer service levels for those who may need to claim or are currently going through a claim. As of today it’s, currently, still business as usual.

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