Corporate and social responsibility (CSR)

All companies within the Atlanta Group and wider Ardonagh Group, to which Paymentshield belongs, follow a corporate and social responsibility policy. The policy defines the key principles, responsibilities, and suggested approach we believe will promote a positive impact on our workplaces, our society, the environment, and the economy.

Offering charities our


Paymentshield believes that we have a responsibility to our local community and the wider world.

In 2017 we established a dedicated Paymentshield Charity Committee and since then Paymentshield colleagues have raised nearly £50,000 for local causes. Our current charity partner is Queenscourt Hospice.

In addition to our fundraising, each Paymentshield employee can take a paid day's leave to volunteer with a charity or cause of their choice. 


Volunteer opportunities with our charity partners over the years have included planting flowers at Southport Botanical Gardens, help with the socialisation of rescued animals at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary and painting classrooms at Merefield Primary School.

We strive to take an active role in our local community and each year, Paymentshield employees are given the opportunity to vote for a local charity to support.


What we do in the community




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Diversity and


Paymentshield follow a set of Group defined business standards which set out the requirements for the fair treatment of people (inclusive of colleagues, customers, and clients) regardless of their gender, race, disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or age, making sure that people are given equal opportunities, equal pay and are accepted for their differences.

Our surveys include an annual questionnaire which specifically asks employees how well they think the business is doing when it comes to diversity and inclusion combined with monthly mini-surveys to allow more ‘in the moment’ feedback.

We’re also proud the Atlanta Group, are passionate about raising awareness of and celebrating differences across all it’s businesses. This involves group wide communications and events coinciding with key dates such as pride and black history month as well as providing information on topics such as mental health and menopause.

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Our impact on 


The Ardonagh Group is committed to being a responsible industry presence by embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations across all of its businesses, including Paymentshield.

Environmental Social Governance is viewed as a driver of value, creating stronger, more resilient, and more profitable businesses

The Group's Sustainability Charter summarises the approach to our businesses, employees, partners, local communities, the environment and society in general is an essential part of our wider and longer-term success. This charter underpins all our conversations, business decisions and the culture of our businesses. It sets out our core beliefs and promises.


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