The beginning

Our story began in the late 80s after the economy took a turn for the worse and recession was causing high levels of redundancy. 

Two mortgage advisers from Southport found themselves asking what they could do to help their clients and friends who’d lost their jobs and couldn’t keep up with their mortgage payments.  

From nothing (no office or staff), just a passion to make a difference, they reached out to insurers to help them create a ‘mortgage protection’ policy which could pay your mortgage if you lost your job or couldn’t work due to an accident or illness.

In the July of 1992, Paymentshield was born.

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A commitment to the things that matter most

From our humble beginnings to the successful business we are today, we’ve kept our focus on making life easier and keeping families in their homes.

What’s more, we believe getting advice from a professional is the best way for customers to properly protect the things that matter most to them.  This is why you won’t find us on comparison websites. 

By focusing on working with mortgage and financial advisers we’ve gained an exceptional understanding of the needs of these partners and we work hard to make sure they’re able to provide the best possible experience when they’re discussing insurance with you.  

A commitment to the things that matter most



Insurance you can trust

Paymentshield went on to realise we could help even more people by offering home and landlord’s insurance in addition to mortgage protection, and we’re still using our expertise and enthusiasm to spot opportunities and make a difference. 

In recent years, Paymentshield has successfully expanded into the lettings market with a range of insurance products designed specifically for letting agents and their tenants. 

The last 5 years have seen substantial growth for Paymentshield in terms of our technology & digital capabilities which continue to be at the forefront of our strategy to deliver on our vision.

We’re now part of the Ardonagh Group, one of the world’s largest independent insurance brokers. Businesses within Ardonagh are grouped together by types of products and markets with Paymentshield joining the Atlanta part of the group in August 2021. The Atlanta family includes a number of digitally focused retail brands such as Swinton Insurance, Carole Nash, Healthy Pets and Be Wiser. 

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