Home Insurance 

Buildings & Contents Insurance

Protect your home and belongings from damage and theft with flexible options to suit your needs.
defaqto home insurance

Home Insurance optional extras

home emergency

Home emergency cover

24-hour access to approved tradespeople for when a home emergency arises. Call out charges and parts & labour costs are covered up to a maximum value. 
legal expenses

Legal expenses cover

Our family legal protection offers you legal cover on a range of unforeseen circumstances such as employment law, property disputes and personal injury.
accidental damage

Accidental damage cover

Designed for extra peace of mind in case of mishaps in the home such as hammering a nail through a pipe when hanging a picture or spilling red wine on the carpet.

Personal possessions cover

Cover for accidental loss or damage to items usually worn or carried, like jewellery or mobile phones both in the UK and abroad.

Insurance for landlord's

Landlord's Insurance

Offering market leading cover and a range of optional extras for those with rental properties to tailor their insurance to meet their needs.


Rent Protection

Rent Protection provides extra support for private landlords and letting agents to protect their rental income in case the tenant stops paying their rent so you don't lose out.

Rent protection
RP optional extra

Rent protection as an optional extra

Landlords can choose to add rent protection to their policy to protect themselves in case their tenant can’t keep up with their rental payments.
accidental damage copy

Accidental damage cover for landlord's

Landlords can choose to cover themselves for accidental damage caused by their tenants.

landlord home emergency

Home emergency cover for landlord's

Access for landlords to a 24-hour helpline to send out approved tradespeople should an emergency arise at your property. 
legal expenses

Landlord's legal expenses cover

Protection for unforeseen circumstances that may require legal advice or action.

Insurance for tenant's

Tenant's Contents Insurance

Protection for tenant's belongings in case of loss, damage or theft while renting a property.

Tenant's Liability Insurance

Protection for tenant's should they accidentally cause damage to their landlords property. 
legal expenses

Tenants legal expenses cover

Offering legal support for those with Tenants Contents Insurance in a range of unforeseen circumstances associated with renting a property.
accidental damage copy

Tenants accidental damage cover

Tenant's Contents Insurance customers can also choose to protect themselves from accidental damage to their belongings.

Worldwide belongings cover

Tenants can choose to protect a range of their belongings from loss or damage when they leave their home by adding this cover to their Contents Insurance.

Protection to pay the bills when you can't 

Mortgage Protection

Giving you peace of mind if you were made unemployed or suffer an accident or sickness which prevented you from working, your mortgage repayment would be covered for up to 24 months.
mortgage protection

Income Protection

Providing cover to help you to be able to pay for your monthly outgoings if you were to suffer an accident or sickness which prevents you from working, or if you are unfortunately made unemployed or unable to work through no fault of your own.

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