Mortgage Protection - How To Claim

Don't Panic

If you need to make a claim on your MortgageProtector policy we're happy to help get you started by directing you to your insurer.

To get things underway we'll need you to:

  • Download your claim form below or request one by calling us on 0345 643 7279
  • Complete the claim form and attach any supporting evidence requested. Please ensure you complete all relevant sections to avoid a delay in receiving your first payment
  • Return your completed form and supporting evidence to:

    Paymentshield Claims Team
    Protection Claims
    PO Box 1190
    DN1 9PS

    Please return your completed claim form within 90 days of the date your accident, sickness or unemployment occurred.

If you are unable to work due to an accident or sickness or are made unemployed on or before 30th November 2018 please contact Cardif Pinnacle on 0344 543 1016 to request a claim form.

For any claims where you are unable to work due to an accident or sickness or are made unemployed on or after 1st December 2018, please contact Covea Insurance plc on 0330 134 8586 to start your claim.

For accident & sickness claims

  • Your sick notes need to run consecutively
  • Both the employer and doctors section of your claim form must be fully completed and stamped by both respective parties

If you’re self employed

  • Copies of correspondence, invoices, accounts from the time immediately prior to your claim date to show you were working at the time your accident/sickness occurred

If you’re making a claim for unemployment we also request:

  • A copy of your last contract of employment
  • A copy of your P45 and severance letter issued at the end of your employment
  • Evidence from the Job Centre confirming you’ve a Job Seekers Agreement and the date the agreement commenced, signed and dated by the Job Centre Official with an official stamp
  • If you’re not in receipt of a Job Seekers Agreement we’ll need a copy of the letter confirming why and evidence of any benefit you’re receiving
  • If you are a CIS card holder please provide evidence of this in the form of:
    • Your CIS card
    • Correspondence from H M Revenue & Customs on their letter head, displaying your CIS card number along with evidence from H M Revenue & Customs of your de-registration with them
  • The Employer section of claim form fully completely by your former employer, or if the company you worked for is in liquidation, the liquidator appointed to deal with their affairs

If you’re self employed

  • A copy of your latest self assessment tax calculation that you’ve received from H M Revenue & Customs showing your declared income
  • Evidence from H M Revenue & Customs of the permanent closure of your business

While your unemployment continues:

  • You must maintain your Job Seekers Agreement throughout your claim
  • You’ll need to complete and return a Continuation of Unemployment Certificate each month. We’ll provide a copy of the form for completion each month
  • We’ll accept each certificate if it is completed and signed no more than 3 days before your payment due date. If the form is signed any earlier we’ll not be able to process your payment
  • You’ll need to supply us with the job search information and evidence requested on the certificate
  • You’ll need to supply us with a bank statement every 2 months showing your mortgage payment being made and your unemployment benefit being paid into your account blanking out any other amounts and only leaving visible the final 4 digits of your bank account

Please note: If your former employer or liquidator doesn’t have a company stamp please enclose a signed company compliment slip or letter head with your claim form. This will avoid the need for the claims team to contact them to verify the details; avoiding a delay to your claim.

If you’re unable to provide any of the requested information please contact us and we’ll confirm what alternative information you can provide.

Need Help?

  • Call our customer services team on 0345 601 1050
  • Monday - Friday
    8am - 7pm
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