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Video: Why reviewing your home insurance when remortgaging is important

It's important not to overlook reviewing your home insurance when you're remortgaging as a lot can change.

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A guide to fighting freezing temperatures

A guide to help you understand what you might need to do to prepare your home for freezing temperatures, coping during them and tips for how to get back on your feet afterwards.

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Video: Compare apples with apples

When it comes to your home insurance make sure you're comparing apples with apples.

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Video: Is your home fully protected?

Your home is probably the most important thing you own but have you considered what would happen if the worst should happen?

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Video: Home emergency case study: Boiler breakdown

Kylie & Matt Arnold were grateful they’d added home emergency cover as an optional extra to their home insurance policy when their boiler broke down.

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Video: Home insurance case study: House fire claim

Kerry Barnes and her husband were relieved they’d had the conversation about home insurance with their financial adviser. Especially when an unattended candle caused a fire in their daughter’s bedroom.

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Getting your ducks in a row

Paul Shearman explains how preparing ahead of a conversation with a professional about finance can alleviate feelings of anxiety.

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Common questions people ask when taking out insurance

Laura Reilly, Client Relationship Manager & GI Specialist at Thames Mortgages, shares the questions people ask her about insurance.

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How to fight a flood

If you’re concerned your home is at risk of flooding here's some tips on what you can do to reduce the impact.

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Top 5 questions to ask

Paymentshield's top five questions to ask when buying home insurance to ensure you get the right cover at a good price.

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Why you should check your home insurance when your children go off to university

Your home insurance might already provide cover for belongings taken by a family member when starting university.

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Taking care of your insurance documents

How long should you keep your insurance documents for and where should you store them?

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landlords guide

A buyer's guide to landlord’s insurance

This guide helps explain the key features and benefits you'll need to look out for when purchasing landlord insurance.

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Working from home

We often get asked if working from home affects your home insurance. This article answers common questions on this topic.

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A guide to beating the storm

Our storm guide is full of advice to help you understand the risks and how to keep safe until the storm has passed.

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house a home-39

How to make a house a home

Give your home the ‘wow factor’ and get helpful guidance on when you may need to seek professional advice.

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The ultimate guide to moving home

Moving to a new house or getting your first home? Our guide is here to make the lead up to move in day as stress free as possible.

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A guide to keeping afloat in a flood

A guide to help understand what to do for a flood and how to get back on your feet afterwards.

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Let’s talk money

Created in collaboration with Defaqto, this guide gives you information about money at every stage of life

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A guide for tough times

In this guide, you’ll find practical tips to help when times are tough. It provides reassurance that there's steps you can take.

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