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Does my home insurance policy cover my garden?

Not sure if your driveway, garden walls or shed is included in your insurance policy? You're not alone, take a look at what may or may not be covered with a buildings and contents insurance policy from Paymentshield

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Water pipes

What's "escape of water"? Why it happens and how to prevent it

Water is one of the most common reasons for home insurance claims—be it flooding or escape of water. But what’s the difference?

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The importance of financial advice when buying home insurance

Selecting the right insurance for your needs is important - here's why seeking financial advice when doing this can be invaluable

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Home insurance lingo

Get to grips with some of the jargon that's used when discussing your home insurance needs.

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The cost of living crisis - What will this year bring?

What does 2024 have in store following last year's rise in the cost of living crisis? Explore the view for the next 12 months and find some advice if under financial pressure.

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Do I need contents insurance if I live in a shared house?

Living in a shared house can be great, but make sure you take the right steps to protect what's yours

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What affects the price you pay for your home insurance?

Various factors influence the price you pay for home insurance. Find out what factors insurers use to determine what price is right for your property.

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Bad weather & storm damage - what do you need to know?

The weather in the UK is often unpredictable so it's always best to be prepared. This article gives you some top tips to help you avoid damage from bad weather.

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Homeowners take risks this winter as home emergency cover declines (2)

Homeowners take risks this winter as home emergency cover declines

Be cautious against cutting back on home emergency cover this winter

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Renters more likely to have Netflix than contents insurance, new survey reveals

Half of renters don't have contents insurance

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Finding the right adviser for you

Make sure you have someone on your side when you're making a big financial decision.

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Things to ask your financial adviser about home insurance

Ever wondered what to ask your financial adviser, here's some advice

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What's the difference between buildings and contents insurance?

Home Insurance covers both buildings and contents, but what's the difference between the two and do you need them both? Read the article to find out more

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How to fight a flood

If you’re concerned your home is at risk of flooding here's some tips on what you can do to reduce the impact.

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Top 5 questions to ask

Paymentshield's top five questions to ask when buying home insurance to ensure you get the right cover at a good price.

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Why you should check your home insurance when your children go off to university

Your home insurance might already provide cover for belongings taken by a family member when starting university.

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Taking care of your insurance documents

How long should you keep your insurance documents for and where should you store them?

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Working from home

We often get asked if working from home affects your home insurance. This article answers common questions on this topic.

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